OneGlance is a comprehensive software solution for Diabetes, Endocrine and Cardiac clinics


OneGlance EMR - electronic medical records software for doctors, provides easy solution for managing the patient data and also integrates other departments such as Reception, Diet, Lab, Pharmacy for smooth functioning of Clinic & Hospitals.

Products Features

OneGlance OPD software consists of modules for Appointment booking, Billing, Drug & Diet Prescription, Retail pharmacy, Pathology, Automatic SMS reminders, Auto Language translation and Generic name print in prescription

EMR (Medical records capture module)

EMR module provides easy data entry for Anthropometry values, Pathology reports, Medical history using custom case sheets, Module for Drug and Diet prescriptions.

Appointments and Billing

Appointment module covers the walk-in, future bookings, temporary registrations and automatic sms reminder for patients, Tracking missed visits and expected visits. Billing module provides Bill master configurations and billing management facility.

Retail Pharmacy & Pathology module

Complete retail pharmacy module with stock entry, billing , reports for sales and purchase GST, collection, reorder level, scheduled drug and expiry drug status reports.

Easy recording of patient medical data

OneGlance EMR offers custom configurable casesheets to record the data as per the doctors’ style of practice. Multiple case sheets can be configured as per different specialty needs.


Quick recall of medical summary

Provides simple & comprehensive view of medical history in the way of diagnosis summary and visit wise medical data in reverse chronological order in a single screen.

View & compare blood sugar, BP, lipids, BMI trends

Doctors’ can easily monitor the treatment progress of patients’ with graphical trend charts of various health parameters in a single click.


Single click - translate prescription to different Indian languages

Enables doctors’ to make drug prescriptions with dose and intake instructions auto translated to patient preferred language, currently supports up to 11 indian languages.